At Townsville Electrical and Appliance Repairs, we recommend keeping your household appliances in good working condition to improve their efficiency and save you money. Have a read through some of our frequently asked questions to see how you can look after your appliances.

Why is my washing machine leaving dirty marks on my clothes?

If you have what appears to be oil or oily stains on your clothing, you may have to give your washing machine a general clean. Over time soap, fabric softener and dirt can build up in your washing machine. This residue can accumulate rapidly, by excessive use of fabric softener and detergent. If after cleaning your washing machine the problem persists, it may need a service. Give us a call to arrange a call-out.

How do I clean my top-loading washing machine?

Set your empty washing machine to hot and large load then fill it with hot water using the normal cycle. Add 2 dishwasher tablets to the hot water and let the washing machine agitate for a few minutes until the dishwasher tablets are dissolved. Turn the machine off and let the hot water and chemicals sit overnight. The next day complete the washing cycle. After the cycle is finished, flush your machine by running another cycle without using the tablets, just water.

How do I clean my front-loading washing machine?

Set your empty washing machine to the hot cycle, add 2 dishwasher tablets, and let it fill and rotate until the tablets are dissolved. Continue as for top-loading washing machines. If you have a hold or soak cycle, on the menu, use them instead of stopping your front loader.

Why does my dryer take so long to dry my clothes?

There could be a number of reasons for this. It could, however, simply be that you are over-filling your machine. Try doing smaller loads at a time. Overloading your dryer can cause belt, bearing and motor failure. If you feel your dryer is still not working properly call us for a service.

How often should I get my air conditioner serviced?

You should get your air conditioner serviced at least once every 12 months. If you use it constantly, such as in an office environment, we would recommend you get it serviced more often. You should also clean your air conditioner's filters regularly. Ideally, every few weeks. Call us for advice specific to your circumstances and to discuss having your air conditioner serviced.