Installation of TV, phone and internet points in Ingham



Modem — Phone cable installation Ingham in Wulguru, Townsville
For clear reception and reliable internet connection, see the qualified technicians at Townsville Electrical and Appliance Repairs. Our electricians deliver the best results in all work relating to TV antennas as well as phone and data cabling.

Our on-site callout services are available throughout Townsville region Including Alligator Creek, Giru, Woodstock, Hervey's Range and Rollingstone. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

TV Antennas

If your antenna has been damaged by recent weather, needs to be moved because of renovations or you’re just sick of a fuzzy picture on your TV—we’ve got your answer. With almost 20 years’ experience in the industry, our qualified electricians take care of all aspects of TV antennas, including any cabling required.

Don’t worry if your aerial is beyond repair, we can order in a brand new, digital-ready model to suit your home or business. Our technicians will find the perfect location on your roof, complete all the wiring and install as many TV points as you require.

Phone & Data

You can depend on Townsville Electrical and Appliance Repairs for all your data wiring needs. Just installed a new home internet modem or moving your office? Give us a call, we service residential and commercial clients all throughout the region.

We have experience with Cat5 and Cat6 cabling as well as installing and moving data and phone outlet points. Cat6 cables are capable of speeds in the gigabit ranges. If you’re unsure which is suitable for your needs, just speak to our experienced technicians. They’ll be able to outline the benefits of each and provide professional advice.